Espresso To Go mobile coffee vans offer you a unique opportunity to earn an excellent income running your own ‘cafe on wheels’. If you like the sound of being your own boss, delivering fine quality coffee to loyal and friendly customers and owning every dollar you earn – this is your chance to run your own flexible business that you can be proud of. All over Australia there are customers waiting for their coffee fix, and you can be the one to fulfil their needs.

Your mobile coffee franchise will deliver a diverse menu of delicious cafe style drinks to offices and factories throughout your exclusive operating territory.

When you purchase one of our coffee vans for sale, even if this is the first time you’re starting your own business, there’s no need to worry. Each new mobile coffee franchise comes with  ‘Support To Success’ – this means prior to handover we will mentor and work with you until you are successful in your new venture no matter how long it takes.

We’re by your side, helping you build a thriving business to fulfill your own deserved ambitions. Coffee in Australia is known to be some of the best in the world, so we provide you with loads of hands on experience to ensure your proficiency, skills, techniques and knowledge are up to a standard which produces a quality beverage and gives you the edge over any competitors.   Once each new mobile coffee franchise becomes “Handover Ready” they will then continue on with their own established, profitable and fully operational mobile coffee business complete with 24/7 support and mentoring!

When you buy a coffee van franchise with Espresso To Go, you receive everything you need to be a success. If you’re passionate about coffee and delivering a product that is going to make people happy, this is the business for you. We support you to build your business, create your customer base and teach you how to run your business with hands-on, individual training

Are you passionate about coffee? Deliver great coffee to people who will love it!

Our coffee franchises prosper because they are run by people who love what they do. Coffee vans don’t require the costs associated with other cafes, restaurants and franchises (rent, wages, etc). This means you earn more in less time. Your income will come from two main sources:

  • Monday to Friday pre-determined deliveries to businesses during work hours.
  • Serving beverages from your coffee van at events and functions outside of business hours.

Unlike most franchises, we do not charge a royalty (conditions apply). Once you’ve bought your franchise, it’s all yours – the van, the income, the customers and the enviable lifestyle that goes with it!

Everything you need to run a successful business

Each and every owner of an Espresso To Go franchise has their own inspiring success story. This would not be possible without our incomparable support, experience, quality vans and well-structured training. Rather than trying to set up a business on your own or buying a franchise from a company that leaves you on your own, we provide all the training, equipment and ongoing support necessary you need to earn a great income.


Custom-built van

Our coffee vans are equipped with café-quality state-of-the-art equipment built to the stringent specifications required by the food and health department of all local councils.

Over our last 15 years of operation, our custom made coffee vans have developed into efficient, well equipped work spaces which are a delight to work in.

We choose the highly awarded Hyundai iload which provides comfort, fuel efficiency, practicality and above all reliability.  This package enables our franchisees to achieve maximum productivity with minimum wasted effort or expense to deliver the finest quality café beverages to happy customers.

Support and training for long-term success

We are committed to ensuring you experience long-term success with your mobile coffee franchise. Each franchisee is appointed their own Franchise Support Manager (FSM) who will be your key support contact once you are running your business.

Your FSM will work closely with you as a coach for business, marketing, training and operations, ensuring you are getting the best return on your investment by being available to assist you 24/7 in all aspects of your mobile coffee franchise.

12-month marketing plan

While making coffee is the cornerstone of the operation, obtaining and retaining customers is the key.

Our business development program includes a comprehensive 12-month marketing plan with a multitude of marketing campaigns that can be implemented in your mobile coffee business all year round.

Sophisticated sales tracking and reporting system

Your mobile coffee franchise comes complete with a sophisticated sales tracking and reporting system, which includes GPS positioning and a vehicle mounted display screen.

It’s easy to use so no need to worry if you’re not the most tech savvy person! The software produces real-time data, with playback and review abilities, that identifies definitive strategies to improve the efficiency and productivity of your run.

The Advantages of Joining an Espresso To Go Mobile Coffee Van Franchise

With most non-franchise mobile coffee businesses failing, it is vital that you don’t go it alone. Make sure you are in the best hands possible when starting out in your mobile coffee van career to give yourself the best chance at success. So why should you choose to join the Espresso To Go coffee franchise and how do we help you succeed in your mobile coffee van business?

At Espresso To Go, we have the coffee vans for sale, tools and unparalleled support you need to succeed. The benefits we provide our franchisees allows us to stand out from the competition. Here is why you have the best chance at success by joining Espresso To Go:

When you take the plunge to join a mobile coffee van franchise, you won’t get thrown into the deep end with us.

9 days of professional barista training is included to teach you how to make great coffee for your customers. You will also learn territory building and marketing techniques, business development, sales engineering, how to use the reporting and marketing software as well as inventory and stock control. With a feeling of certainty you will be ready to go into your territory confident to start your on-the-job training.

After your classroom training, you will receive your on-the-job training, there is no time limit to this training.

Unlike many other mobile coffee van franchises, we won’t leave you until you succeed. That means that we will be there with you until you are successful in your new franchise. You are safe with us. We want to see you succeed and we want our franchisees to feel confident and fully prepared when they continue on their own.

We believe the secret to choosing the right mobile coffee franchise comes down to the coffee. We invite you to take the coffee challenge at Espresso To Go and try it for yourself. Our coffee is the secret of our success and yours!

Once you purchase your mobile coffee van franchise, it is yours!

Many other mobile coffee franchises have regular fees that are required to be paid. At Espresso To Go however, you have the opportunity to have no royalty charges! Conditions apply so please contact us to discuss your options and start on your path to a flourishing franchise that is yours to own and free of royalty fees!


Coffee Vans for Sale at Espresso To Go

Get your business moving in the right direction with our quality coffee vans. We have coffee vans for sale across Australia ready for our next franchisee to jump on board and get started in a new and fulfilling enterprise.

Our Hyundai iLoad mobile coffee vans are custom built and packed full of all the equipment and features you need to hit the ground running. The Hyundai iLoad is one of the leading and most reliable coffee van models in the industry today, so you can trust that the van you purchase is built to last.

See the Our Coffee Vans page for full details on the coffee vans we have available and their features.

Why Our Customers Choose Espresso To Go

Our Espresso To Go mobile coffee vans are located right across Australia, serving quality coffee direct to customers daily. Not only is Espresso to Go a winner in the eyes of our loyal clients because of the quality coffee and range of beverages we provide, but also because of our personalised friendly service.

Our coffee is delivered directly to the customer, alleviating the need to go out for coffee, making the workplace far more efficient.

If this is the service experience you would enjoy, join our franchise and allow us to help you develop the most efficient and profitable coffee run for you. You will be providing customers in your area with quality coffee and excellent service in no time.


Become an Espresso To Go Mobile Coffee Van Franchisee Today!

We watch our new franchisees dream bigger, live happier and totally surprise themselves at their passion for their OWN business.  If this sounds like the kind of break you’ve been looking for, join us.  Link arms with Espresso To Go and enter into the supportive start up environment that provides the right mix of tools, strategies, insights and enthusiasm that will take your business to its greatest success.

If you’re passionate about coffee, call us to find out more about buying your own mobile coffee franchise on 1300 853 666.

Would you like a mobile coffee franchise information pack? Get in touch with us over the phone or via our Contact page and we will send an information pack to you with all of the details you need to make an informed decision about joining our Espresso To Go Mobile Coffee Van franchise!